GSA Logistics World Wide GS-10F-0089N


Technical Solutions Profile


            Technical Solutions, LLC is a small business and GSA service provider (GS-10F-0089N) based in Southern Maryland.  The backgrounds and experience of our personnel represents a broad base of support services to significant government customers.  The primary focus of Technical Solutions is providing deployment and logistics support to Federal customers by integrating the most up to date commercial best practices within the restraints of the government system.  Our experience and knowledge of Federal regulations, government contracting and procurement procedures allow us to develop the most cost effective solutions available. The owner of Technical Solutions has over twenty-six years of proven management experience in logistics and high technology endeavors and is committed to the vision of providing the best logistics solutions at the lowest cost to the customer. 


            Personnel Experience


            Personnel from Technical Solutions have performed logistics services for numerous major program offices in the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community over their careers. Additionally, periodic support may be provided as required, from a resource pool of other highly qualified logistics, engineering and management talent available to Technical Solutions. Technical Solutions personnel are well qualified to provide Logistics support on any level to Federal customers. They have the understanding, insight and vision of current services and operational programs to develop unique solutions for supporting the customers in the field. Additionally, Technical Solutions personnel have worked with the Department of Justice and the Intelligence Community on methods to reduce overhead cost through innovative material movement options and data consolidation of logistics and other program information. 




Technical Solutions will provide the assets, personnel, knowledge and experience required to sustain project support on any level. These tasks include all required logistics support and coordination of services and execution of contracts with commercial air carriers, surface transporters, and ocean freight and charter aircraft services.  Air Transportation will include, but not be limited to, personnel and material requiring special handling such as classified, hazardous and controlled access area entry material.  As well Technical Solutions provides 24/7 support on every project. Technical Solutions provides a full range of logistics support to the customer on-site and from Technical Solutions home office.  Logistics support includes deployment support and coordination, engineering material consolidation plans for enhanced transportability, providing exercise planning coordination, procurement support, packing and crating, fabrication services and transportation support. Technical Solutions specializes in air charter services for both personnel and cargo worldwide. Technical Solutions will strive to build exclusive relationships with ground support providers for expedited services providing a rapid response capability at the most economical cost




Planning, development, management, operation and maintenance of logistics systems for the movement and maintenance of resources:

          System assessment and consultation

          Material requirements planning

          Inventory management and operation

          Asset or property visibility and management

          Operation of warehouses, stockrooms or storage facilities

          Fulfillment systems and operations

          Configuration management

          Platform management

          Vendor/acquisition management

          Information processing systems analysis, design, implementation

          Staging, shipping, and receiving

          Packing and crating

          Packaging, labeling, bar coding system consultation, design, implementation, operation and maintenance

          Operation and maintenance of distribution and or material handling equipment

          Design and installation of material handling systems

          System modernization consultation

          Expansion and consolidation studies

          Moving and storage (excluding household goods)

          Consultation on hazardous material storage and handling

          Warehouse and location management systems

          Recycling program management of warehousing materials

          Preservation and protection of specialized inventory or documents

          Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support

          Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO process management)

          Property disposal management

          Logistics Strategic Planning services

          Logistics Systems Engineering services

          Global Integrated Supply Chain Solutions planning and implementation

          Logistics Program Management services and support

          Supply Chain Logistics services, solutions, and support

          Logistics Business Process Re-engineering

          Logistics Decision support solutions

          Logistics Performance Measures




          Distribution system analysis, development and management

          Location modeling and distribution network analysis

          Fleet planning, operation and maintenance

          Carrier management and routing

          Freight forwarding, consolidation and management

          Tracking system analysis, design, operations and management




          Contingency planning

          Material and property requirements planning, movement, storage and accountability systems

          Asset management and visibility

          Regional and global resource capability identification and integration

          Public and private sector resource management

          Communication and logistics systems design, planning, and operation

          Medical and emergency unit storage and restocking management






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